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Pre-Arrival Services

There are many hurdles to overcome before you even book your flights to Australia.  We can direct you to reliable, experienced and knowledgeable visa and immigration advisors to help you on your way.

We can assist with sourcing reputable moving companies, arranging pre-move surveys, comparing quotes and managing the logistics of moving your possessions. 

We can also book airport transfers and short term accommodation to ease your initial arrival into Brisbane.

If you or an employee is unsure about relocating to Brisbane, we offer Pre-Arrival Orientations to increase familiarity with the city. This local knowledge is critical for those wanting to make a fully informed decision or for those needing extra reassurance and helps generate enthusiasm for the relocation. 

We also offer an extensive Moving to Brisbane Guide that will answer many questions you may before you arrive e.g. climate, lifestyle, money and finance, education, transport, health, housing, services.

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