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Quick tips to maximise rental application success

The December - February period is traditionally the busiest and most competitive period for residential rentals in Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia. If you have started your home search or have found the perfect property and are ready to submit your rental application, the experienced relocation specialists at Habitat Relocations share a few tips to help maximise the chance that your rental application is successful.

1. Make yourself known to the Property Manager

Property managers are human and will remember you if you make yourself known to them. Tell them why you are looking for a new home and who you are. Be polite, friendly, well presented and do your best to make a good impression. This is particularly the case where there is significant interest in a property and will help you stand out in a sea of paper or online applications. If the Property Manager processing and presenting applications to the owner for approval is not at the inspection do not be afraid to give them call after submitting your application to make sure they have received all your documents, introduce yourself and reiterate how much you like the property

2. Submit a complete application

Ensure that your application is fully signed, 100 points of ID is included for each applicant over 18, the contact details for your property and employment referees is correct. Chasing up missing details takes time and the property manager may not start processing the application until all information is received. Many property managers prefer 1Form applications for ease of processing - check which is their preferred application method.

3. Ensure that your referees respond to the property manager promptly

Make sure your referees are aware that they will be contacted and ask them if they could respond as quickly as possible. It may help to obtain your tenancy ledger from your current property manger (if you are renting) and submit this with your application. If there have been any payment issues be sure to explain the surrounding circumstances to reassure the property manager processing your application that this are unlikely to recurr. Do not be afraid to contact the property manager processing the application to check that references have been received so you can follow up referees yourself. If another application is complete before your referees get back to the property manager this could cause you to lose the property.

4. Make your application have a competitive edge

Property managers and owners will generally prefer applications that have a longer lease term (e.g. 12 months versus 6 months), the earliest start date and the highest rental amount. Do not be afraid to ask the property manager how long the property has been on the market, how many inspections there have been and how much interest is being expressed by those inspecting the property so you can gauge how much demand there is for the property at any time. If there is high demand and you really want the property there is nothing stopping you from offering above asking rental. Habitat Relocation consultants know the Brisbane rental market well and can provide advice and assistance with all aspects of the rental application.

Use the local knowledge, experience and connections of Habitat Relocations to help you find and secure your new Brisbane home with the minimum of fuss. Habitat Relocations offers assistance with home search services, submission of rental applications, lease review, completion of the entry condition report and connection of utilities as well as other services. Contact us today.

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